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Eco-Friendly Bag Find!

I was lucky enough to meet this cool chick in college named Jennifer Silbert. She went on to become an architect and, one day on Facebook, I noticed she was making some of the coolest recycled bags I’d ever seen.

Here’s her story.

And get that bag of hers!

“We started Rewilder 4 years ago after strong careers in fashion (Lisa) and architecture (me), where we were distressed with the waste we were creating. I was teaching a Materials Innovation class at Art Center in Pasadena when I started doing research on post-industrial waste and came across some incredible materials being thrown away on a massive scale. It’s truly overwhelming. 

So now we use these amazing materials to make the best bags for the planet. A few other bags out there claim to be sustainable but we are 100% – zero waste, high quality, made in LA. Nothing excites us more than making something amazing from unconventional, industrial materials that would have ended up in a landfill.”

Need we say more?

She’s a gem, her cause noble, and so are bags.

Nally & Millie Forever


We love NALLY & MILLIE! We’ll be honest, when we were  first sent their linesheets we couldn’t get a handle on the quality of their line. Sometimes, it’s just too hard to tell how an article of clothing is made from looking at linesheets.

Then, when we were sent their goods… Mama Mia… soft as butter, so well made, and excellent fit. Want to know why?

Made in the USA, baby!

Knits for just about any occasion – think cozy-at-home, office, plane ride, or a night out (yes, they’re that versatile),  the all-new Fall 2011 collection delivers deep colors and prints for a season dominated by its knits and easy-to-wear fits-everyone manteaux. These pieces make a great start off point to your look and offer a wide variety of ways to go from casual to chic with a bit of accessorizing. The excellent draping creates a relaxed yet fashionable effect with the flexibility to remain loose or be cinched with a wide belt. That’s what I love most, particularly when this Eco-Adventurer is flying around Europe or Asia and needs to get fancy in a jiffy. Plus, they have looks for every age demo. I prefer the neutral colors or the bold single colors, but they also have more flashy prints for those who still want a little Miami or Boca in their diet. Showcasing sweater and layered pieces, burnouts, lace, jacquards and novelty fabrics for slimming tops, tunics, cardigans, dresses and skirts, the cross-over contemporary brand provides flattering options in deep shades of heather grey, biscotti, French roast, redwood, corn flower, primrose and basil.  Original hand rendered and digital prints focus on bold graphics as well as animal patterns for versatile day-to-evening styles that work well with denim and leggings or dressier jackets and heels.

Perfect for the Plane Ride or Another Office to Evening Look

Conceived by award-winning designer Nally Park and James Park, NALLY & MILLIE is manufactured entirely in the United States using the softest natural fabrics and most technically advanced synthetics and blends for consistent quality, durability, memory and a flawlessly supple hand.  So, although not every piece is organic, they are sustainable when it comes to keeping jobs in the USA and they make a very strong effort to source responsibly. For over a decade, the brand has been delivering high quality pieces with accessible price points at retail from $44.00 to $96.00 for tops and skirts, from $96.00 to $129.00 for dresses in over a thousand specialty boutiques and department stores nationwide including Nordstrom, Bloomingdales and Von Maur.

Recycled Tables… and War?

Ezri Tarazi's War Tone Recycled Furniture

When you grow up in a war zone, the last thing you might be thinking about it how to make cool furniture out of destruction. Unless, of course, you’re Ezri Tarazi from Israel. The professor and designer decided to do something a little different with his creative bone and alas… he brough us…  super cool furnishings using materials that were part of wars.

Ammunition boxes, steel I-beams, recycled scrap and industrial materials like aluminum, wood and wool pushed out of various things are now tables and chairs fashioned from, well, fighting.

Whether it’s a table made using a map of Baghdad or a sofa created from sandbags, each is recycled and meant to make you think.

More about War-Tone Furniture can be read on Green

H&M Spring 2011: Conscious Collection

H&M Conscious Collection: Spring 2011

In our quest to sniff out all things sustainable and sexy when it comes to fashion, we just uncovered a piece by Starre Vartan of who filled readers in on H&M’s new Spring 2011 line of sustainable fashion so we wanted to spread the word.

Committing to using sustainable fabrics, their upcoming Spring 2011 collection, Conscious Collection is the follow-up for Spring 2010′s Garden Collection. Utilizing organic cotton, recycled polyester, and Tencel, the all-white collection means that it will work on all your Spring or Summer vacation travels. “It’s no longer just about organic cotton. The possibilities for creating a complete fashion statement with eco smarter materials are huge now. By designing recurring Conscious Collections we have the opportunity to show in a variety of ways what’s possible using more sustainable fabrics,” says Ann-Sofie Johansson, H&M head of design. “Shades of white are the season’s biggest fashion trend. White creates a romantic feeling with lace and broderie anglaise, but it is also the basic color in a sporty, relaxed style and in a preppy tailored look for men.”

We have so many reasons to love H&M and now they’ve given us one more.

Eco-Watches by WEWOOD


Eco-Watch by WEWOOD

Okay, is this not the coolest watch ever?? WEWOOD emerged out of Italy as an emblem of eco-luxury and design, committed to the health of our planet. An ‘ avant-garde approach to sophisticated sustainability’ this sexy 100% wood, hypo-allergic, completely free of toxic chemicals, and Miyota movement watch isn’t waterproof, but it is ‘splash-proof’.

They say it ‘does just fine in the rain or in the kitchen, even on the beach’, but don’t take WeWOOD swimming. Like any natural wood, the wood slightly expends when getting wet, and this makes the flexibility of the links less supple. Generally, the wood fully recovers when dry.

So think of it as your statement piece when you sip mojitos with friends.

Retails from $119

Eco-Fashion Contest

2010 Eco-Chic Contest Winning Gown

We love a good eco-fashion contest and this one caught our attention because the winner gets to attend a high falootin’ Oscar party thanks to Suzy Amis Cameron, actress and wife of director James Cameron. Giving aspiring designers and fashionistas a chance to go to LA for a Hollywood pre-Oscar party through her international contest, participants can just submit sketches of a dress made of renewable materials by Feb. 2, 2011 for their chance to win.

Suzy Amis Cameron will choose the winner, who gets:

–          A free trip (with swanky hotel and flights included) for the winner and his/her model

–          $2,000 to make the dress and get featured on website

–          A “red” (actually on green!) carpet walk at an Oscar pre-party in Hollywood on February 23 – as guests of James Cameron and Suzy Amis Cameron

Last year, Suzy Amis Cameron wore the winning dress to the Oscars. This year, the winner chooses his or her own model. Competition proceeds go to the MUSE schools, which Suzy Amis Cameron founded, to help educate kids around the world.

For contest details, check out:

Happy sketching, Sustaininistas!

Philips | O’Neill Durable Headphones


'The Snug' - Philips | O'Neill Super Durable Headphones


Sometimes, the disposable culture we live in can really be a downer. Don’t get us started on the 60 Minutes special that showed viewers what really happens to all of our old (or not so old) electronics.

Well, have no fear… if you’re as tired as we are of buying new headphones every two months, worry no ‘mo.

Two pioneers of lifestyle innovation, Philips and O’Neill, have joined forces to launch a line of headphones designed to withstand all the rigors of a truly active eco adventuring lifestyle: the new premium line of Philips | O’Neill Headphones gives you long-lasting durability and complete comfort so you can enjoy the music that fuels you every day, for as long as you want, no matter what mountain you climb, swell you ride, or ramp you skate.

The high performance headphones were tested on the toughest O’Neill team riders and specifically designed around the demands of those who live life to the fullest and take no prisoners. The collection features four different styles, each completely unique and simple in design. Inspired by the heavy-duty materials and styling of wetsuit materials, The Stretch headphones – the toughest in the new line-up – delivers high performance. Both impact and high stress-crack resistant, it retains flexibility and strength for a whole new level in headphone resilience.


'The Stretch' - Philips | O'Neill Earphones


The Snug model does it all in style: a set of imposing flat-folding, headphones that deliver flawless fit and sound with bold graphics (these might be our personal fave). The in-ear selection includes The Covert, a discreet bud with deceptively powerful sound impact and iPhone control, while The Specked includes a range of three striking colored in-ear buds, with tough yet stylish tangle-free cords for longer listening experiences.

These new headphones are totally uncompromising in their durability because they’ve been tested on their own test animals: the toughest O’Neill riders, the most uncompromising and daring boarders around.

The Philips | O’Neill campaign will be spearheaded by selected O’Neill team riders, including 9-time Big Mountain Rider of the Year Jeremy Jonesfearless big wave surfer Mark Mathews, and two-time Freeride World Tour Champion Ane Enderud. As three of their sports’ toughest and most enduring champions, these riders have put the headphones to the ultimate test in the context of their own demanding lifestyles.

Available at stores throughout Europe and the US from Sept. 2010 so get ’em while they last!

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