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5 Websites for Travel Gear

Flight 001

Did you know that nearly one-third of Americans anticipate spending more on travel in 2012, with almost half intending to spend the same amount as they did in 2011? That’s right, and consumers continue to master the web for making travel plans as annual online travel bookings are expected to increase from $102 billion to $143 billion over the next five years.

But once the flight is booked and the hotel room reserved, what online resources are available to help those people get ready to get away? Here are five websites for stocking up on travel gear for your 2012 vacation:

1.       Flight 001 puts the fun in function! You’ll be the envy of your fellow travelers with unique travel products from across the globe, including retro luggage tags and passport holders, whimsical eye masks, and laundry bags with something to say.

2.       Carrying on? Not a problem with the TSA-friendly beauty and personal products available at With products in 34 different categories, ranging from moisturizer to hair care, they have you covered!

3.       Travel with peace of mind, knowing you’ll be clean and comfortable snuggled up to your travel blanket and disposable pillowcase from PB Travel. With product lines including PB Cashmere, PB Baby, Eco Friendly and Germ Freak, PB Travel specializes in personal belongings (PB) that are cool, fun and colorful.

4.       No more trekking to the store to purchase last-minute travel essentials. Online shopping program ShopRunner allows you to purchase all the sunscreen, beach towels, flip flops and blow up rafts you might need, along with books and movies, snacks, and a new digital camera – and have them delivered straight to your door, with unlimited free, two-day shipping and no minimum order size.

5.       For everything else, there’s Magellan’s, a one-stop-shop for unique and useful travel products, from luggage and packing aids to adaptors and convertors.

Happy travelin’!

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