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Chile: Domo Domo

With the most powerful economy in South America (and a woman at the helm of the country… HURRAH!), Chile tops my list of ‘Get Off Your Hiney And Go’s. Inexpensive accommodations, economic stability, vibrant graffiti art that rivals the street sketches of Buenos Aires, Chile has the Andean peaks and plenty ‘o plenty of vino. What more does one person really need? Sharing a string of ice blue glacier lakes in the South with Argentina and hosting a plethora of vineyards scattered about the country, Chile is the next big thing. Which is why, when we here at Jaunt happened upon this little gem of a secret spot, we said, ‘Aye Dios! Que Bueno!’

There’s something about a geodesic dome that just screams serenity, doesn’t it? It’s a bit off the beaten path (about 580 Km from Santiago), but you won’t regret the trek. The road is paved until you reach the town of Pisco Elqui, but the resort will help arrange travel from there. One of only seven astronomic hotels in the world, you can literally sleep with the top down. Each has two floors. The first, with a living room and the bathroom, and the second, with the main bed (and your detachable roof). They also have a terrace, as well as a telescope and offer a fridge bar, free tea & coffee, specialized astronomic literature, BBQ’s and cutlery. In addition to viewing the night-sky with your lover, they offer astronomic tours and nighttime horseback rides.

Does it really get any more romantico? Oh, and it’s all earth-friendly too. So hitch that wagon to a star. Orion’s waiting.


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