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Eco-Friendly Bag Find!

I was lucky enough to meet this cool chick in college named Jennifer Silbert. She went on to become an architect and, one day on Facebook, I noticed she was making some of the coolest recycled bags I’d ever seen.

Here’s her story.

And get that bag of hers!

“We started Rewilder 4 years ago after strong careers in fashion (Lisa) and architecture (me), where we were distressed with the waste we were creating. I was teaching a Materials Innovation class at Art Center in Pasadena when I started doing research on post-industrial waste and came across some incredible materials being thrown away on a massive scale. It’s truly overwhelming. 

So now we use these amazing materials to make the best bags for the planet. A few other bags out there claim to be sustainable but we are 100% – zero waste, high quality, made in LA. Nothing excites us more than making something amazing from unconventional, industrial materials that would have ended up in a landfill.”

Need we say more?

She’s a gem, her cause noble, and so are bags.

CHERRY on the bag

Tech Bags

CHERRY on the bag is, get this… the first bag that you can scan with an NFC smartphone to access interactive services (Anti-theft, One Scan Buy, Bag Identity, Cherry Club) and verify – instantaneously – that you are purchasing the authentic item and not a counterfeit.

The global line is a line of minimalistic design and high-functionality travel and business products. Did we also mention they’re hand-made from the finest materials,100% full-grain calfskin leather?
This smart bag just may be the future of smart travel.

Upcycled Travel Kits For the Feel Good Traveller

TerraCycle's Upcycled Travel Dopp Kit

We’re huge fans of the upcycled and recycled eco-friendly goods on the Uncommon Goods website so we had to share. What’s more? The TerraCycle upcycled tent dopp kit, tote bag, and lunch sack  are all handmade in the U.S.

Instead of using new material and resources for products, the items are made from tent material that would have otherwise gone to waste. This means that not only is the material durable, it’s also stain-resistant, water-resistant, and light.

The perfect travel items for dirty little eco jetsetters like you! They also have a variety of other goods and accessories (jewelry, office goods, wallets, and bags) so check it out and see if anything tickles your feel good fancy.

Dopp kit: $38.00
Tote bag: $46.00
Lunch sack: $38.00

LEGOLAND, Florida: Family Sweepstakes!

Parents and kiddies! Check this contest out. You’ll probably have decent odds too as I’m not sure how widely reported it is. Atlantic® brand luggage, part of the Travelpro® family of brands and a market leader in affordable, lightweight family luggage since 1919, is having a sweepstakes to “Win a Vacation to the Grand Opening of LEGOLAND Florida”. The sweeps begins September 19 and ends October 31st so you have just the right amount of time to win. Another great treat? LEGOLAND Florida is a state-of-the-art 150-acre family theme park that opens on October 15th so you’ll get there right when it’s brand spankin new.  Located in Winter Haven, Florida, the new theme park offers more than 50 rides, shows and attractions geared for families with children ages 2-12. Here’s what you get:

A 4-Day LEGOLAND Florida Vacation including:

•       (4) Four, 2-Day Admissions to LEGOLAND Florida

•       (4) Four days and (3) Three nights at a LEGOLAND Florida Bed and Brick property

•       (4) Four day rental car

•       Exclusive behind the scenes tour with a LEGO Master Builder

•       (4) Four admissions to the Fantasy of Flight Biplane

•       (4) Four admissions to the Bok Tower Gardens

•       (4) Air Boat admissions

•       (1)LEGOLAND Florida gift bag

•       A 2-piece set of Atlantic Luggage

Enter here to enter and good luck!

Bicycles, Bicycles, Bicycles!

We can’t resist such a beautiful little face.

There’s an even more beautiful story behind it. Take the ethically-minded shoe and outdoor apparel company, KEEN, and the 88bikes Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to providing bikes to young people in developing countries, and you get these results:  Their 4th completed project with the gift of 300 bikes to orphans and children rescued from human trafficking in Ghana, India, Nepal and Vietnam.

For Project4, 88bikes traveled to orphanages, ashrams, centers and schools sheltering children rescued from human trafficking, delivering bikes at 12 locations in Ghana, India, Nepal and Vietnam. Overall, 300 children were given basic, one-speed, steel-framed bikes that are common to the region and were purchased from local vendors.

“A bike is that magical vessel of freedom and fun, the rare tool that’s as useful as it is enjoyable. For these childrenas all childrena bike provides happiness, freedom and autonomy,” said Dan Austin, founder of 88bikes. “Project4 has been a huge success and I was blown away when 14-year-old Rabina, an orphan in Nepal, began rhapsodizing about the power of bikes to curb global warming, improve health and even help Nepal improve its economy!”

As a KEEN Hybrid.Care partner, 88bikes received funding from KEEN for purchasing bikes and providing tools and bike maintenance training for bicycle recipients.  Hybrid.Care was created in 2004 to support social and environmental organizations that have paved the way for change through community, education and understanding. Since 2004, KEEN has partnered with more than 20 global environmental, conservation and social non-profit organizations, distributing more than $5 million in cash and in-kind donations. Other current partners include American Whitewater, Leave No Trace, The Conservation Alliance, Waterkeeper Alliance and Big City Mountaineers.

How awesome is that? Gives me the chills to see such seemingly small things create such smiles and good fortune.

“Dan’s description of the complete joy on the faces of these heroic children, who have each surmounted such great challenges, is the best partner feedback we could ask for,” says Linda Tom, Marketing Manager at KEEN.

We agree, Linda. That’s why we’ve decided to highlight you. If more companies cared, this world would be a better place. To that end, KEEN makes some great gear for trekking so now you, too, can feel good about your shameless shoe addiction.

About 88Bikes
It doesn’t always take a massive relief organization to tip the scales for joy and sustainability in places where children and young adults are challenged to be their own heroes. 88bikes provides a simple and direct opportunity to make a difference for a young person in the world: buy a child a bike! Project4 was their fourth endowment project. Their next project, VILLAGES, is slated for summer/fall 2010 and will endow between 500-1000 bikes.

Heys Eco-Friendly Recycled Luggage

It’s chic, it’s sturdy, and it’s made from 100% Recycled Plastic!

The first in the Heys series of ECO Friendly products, the EcoCase is made from 100% Recycled plastic so, not only does it help to reduce the demand for new materials and new resources, but it also reduces materials that would otherwise fill a landfill. We couldn’t be more impressed with their designs and desire to support to the Recycling industry as a whole.  The EcoCase is a Spinner luggage with 4 wheels (that are 360 degrees for easier navigation around those endless terminals) and durable due to its flexible plastic material (ABS) to absorb impacts.  Lightweight, expandable, and the first hardside luggage to have special ‘Piggy-Back’ straps – which are usually found on soft-sided luggage only, it has a fully lined interior with a built-in divider, mesh pocket, and internal telescopic handle system with a push-button locking system. Whatever that means, but sure sounds good.
Available in a 3 pc set and we say… for about $400/set, it’s worth it.

Recycled Laptop Backpacks

This week, Google announced that it will be offering free WiFi in 47 participating airports this holiday season!

So whether you’re a Mac or a PC, you now have even more reason to make sure that your wireless companion is completely protected as you make your way through rogue airport security and terminals filled with unruly adolescents.  You may not make it through the holidays with your sanity, but that doesn’t mean your laptop should suffer too.

Luckily, Yak Pak makes an assortment of recycled backpacks and sleeves to keep your laptop from taking a beating this holiday season. Yak Pak is offering a 15.6” sleeve and a Laptop Backpack in their Billboard Bag collection made from upcycled billboards that were created to withstand all outside elements so you know that these are made to last!

The Billboard laptop backpack ranges from $34.99- 39.99.

The Billboard items can be found at Best Buy.  Other Yak Pak products can be purchased at such national retailers as Urban Outfitters, Hot Topic and Staples.

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