Park Hyatt’s New Bicycle Valet Program

Ride like the wind, baby!

Eco-Hotel: Park Hyatt's Bicycle Valet Program

So we’re noticing a growing trend among hotels and resorts these days and, we must admit, we likey.  With Park Hyatt’s new Bicycle Valet program set to launch in August, you can get some fresh air and keep it eco-friendly (just make sure you take your eyes off the skies and watch where you’re going, Greenie). Park Hyatt, a fan of ours ever since they launched healthy dining options and art programs at participating properties, are now offering free bike rentals that last up to four hours, allowing plenty of time for a scenic ride, and perhaps a picnic lunch.  Park Hyatts are known for being in the best neighborhoods, just steps from a city’s defining landmark, so guests can find themselves spinning by Sydney Harbor, Piazza del Duomo, or cycling up the Magnificent Mile. Whether heading for the hills or sticking to the city streets, the new hybrid bicycles are said to be ‘comfortable and sturdy.’  The concierge will also be sure to steer you on the right path with a city biking map, bike lock, helmet, kickstand, and bottled water.


Available at participating Park Hyatts worldwide:

Moscow · Sydney · Beaver Creek · Beijing · Toronto ·Paris ·Milan · Dubai · Mendoza· Goa · Hamburg · Zurich · Washington DC · Saigon · Istanbul · Seoul · Melbourne · Buenos Aires · Chicago · Tokyo · Canberra ·

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